If you intend to watch video from the phone with the installation of several cameras, you will have to purchase a router. It has an input to connect to the Internet, as well as an Ethernet output connector. When choosing a device, the number of outputs is taken into account, so that it corresponds to the number of used ip cameras. In this case, referring to the provider, it is necessary to indicate not the need not only of a static address, but also access speed of at least 128 kbit / s per one camera.

Video viewing in this case is carried out by ip and port. Only connect the computer to the router’s connector first. The good at cctv Singapore option is clearly there now.

Observation, recording and viewing – what do you need for this?

After considering the options for connecting the device and the principle of its operation, you should go to the question of initiating the recording. Modern ip devices allow you to implement event recording. This is the main feature of such cameras. Initiate the recording can be using special software for a computer or mobile device. For example, for a Zavio camera, this is the CamGraba program implemented with the equipment.

What you need to properly configure the equipment

The simplest case is to switch to the recording mode when the motion detector is triggered. You can set up the equipment so that when a person enters the frame of an object, a video fragment or a snapshot is sent to the FTR server or e-mail.

  • The next function is to watch online. This can be done in several ways. The first is to use the web interface ip camera. When you use it, a preview area of ​​the image is displayed directly from the camera in the browser window that opens.
  • Remotely via the global network, you can access the web interface of the camera if it is connected to the router or when connected directly to the provider’s cable.
  • Transmission of the image from the device can be carried out by wires, through optical fiber or as video surveillance through a mobile phone. With a small number of devices, the image is fixed using DVRs or viewed in real time on the phone or tablet. With the reliable singapore home improvement this is a very important matter now.
  • Recording can be carried out on various media: from magnetic tape cassettes to Raid arrays and disk drives. For long-term storage it is better to use a hard disk. The process is as follows. After catching motion in the frame, the DVR goes into recording mode. To save disk space, this process is not performed the rest of the time.